The Team

The Team:

‘Quitebright’ was set up by Amber Larre (Executive Producer) and Dan Prior (Creative Director) in 2001. In 2004, they were joined by Jagpal Sandhu (Production Manager). In 2005, they were joined by Alex Coutts (Head of Development). As a team we are able to provide an end-to-end service from pre-production and the creative idea all the way through production and post-production to project delivery.

Whilst ‘Quitebright’ are highly skilled and proven in producing film projects entirely in-house, they are equally equipped to outsource skills where high end projects require them to do so. ‘Quitebright’ has extensive production contacts internationally that include some of the best personnel and facilities in the world.

Amber has over seven years experience working in film production. After being awarded a British Broadcast Journalism Accredited (BJTC) Degree, she went on to work her way up through London Business Television. Since leaving LBTV, Amber has set up Quitebright where she has produced over twenty corporate, commercial and documentary projects. In the ‘Quitebright’ tight knit documentary unit, Amber takes on the roles of Producer and Sound Engineer.

Daniel has spent the last eight years working in film production for television broadcast and corporate distribution. After completing a degree in Broadcasting, Dan went on to work in magazine news programmes before moving to ‘The Edge Picture Company’. Since leaving The Edge, Dan has set up Quitebright where he has worked on many corporate and documentary projects. In the ‘Quitebright’ documentary unit, Dan directs and operates camera. Dan directs each project through post-production to delivery.

Jagpal has spent the last three years working in the IT and marketing department for Maersk International, at their headquarters in Nairobi. Over the last few years, Jagpal put on various photo exhibitions, on topics ranging from East Africa to India, and more recently, commercial projects. He joined the company in 2004, where he took on the roles of Production Manager and Stills Photographer.

Alex was formerly picture editor for The Mail of Sunday in London, and spent the last few years freelancing in the UK. He recently joined the company as Head of Development. He is currently embarking on an expedition driving from London to Nairobi in Quitebright’s new expedition Land Rover. Alex will be searching for interesting film stories along his expedition route for future Quitebright documentary films. For more information on this expedition, please click here.