‘Quitebright Films’ is a film production company specialising in corporate and documentary programme making. ‘Quitebright’ was formed in London in 2001 specifically to produce the one-hour documentary ‘Nguva – The Forgotten Mermaid'; this film was based on Kenya’s North Coast and was concerned with the demise of the highly endangered East African Dugong. On completion in 2003, ‘Nguva The Forgotten Mermaid’ was awarded and International distribution contract with TVF International, the largest distributor of factual programming in the UK.

Since 2001, ‘Quitebright’ has worked on over twenty corporate and documentary programmes in both a production and post-production capacity. Projects have ranged from broadcast hour-long documentaries and high profile product launch promos to large events coverage.

At ‘Quitebright’ we pride ourselves on producing cutting edge programming for budgets across the board. Over the last three years we have produced both high budget promos shot on film and High Definition Video to low budget factual programming shot on Digital Video. Whatever the budget of any project we undertake, we strive to produce only the highest quality films that always adhere strictly to international broadcast standards.