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Team Members:

The expedition team consisted of 6 friends all of whom had lived and worked in East Africa for at least the last 5 years. Between them they have walked, driven and paddled through most of the continent. The team members were:

Hendri Coetzee, 28, South African – Expedition Leader. Hendri is a highly experienced kayaker and rafter and over the last seven years has accomplished various expeditions. He is also a student in psychology and took the challenge of leadership as a personnal test of character. He coordinated preparations for The White Nile Expedition from Bujagali Falls, Uganda, where he worked as a raft guide.

Pete Meredith, 35, South African - Pete has 12 years of whitewater and expedition experience from an endless row of African and European river and overland expeditions. Hendri and Pete are age-old friends and whilst Pete is one of the best white water oar-boaters in the business, he saw his role on the expedition as backing Hendri up in tough and often controversial leadership decisions.

Marcus Wilson-Smith, 52, British - Marcus Wilson Smith is a renowned British photographer who has completed many expeditions, including the Zambezi river, which is where he met Pete. Marcus brought a wealth of experience to the expedition and showed the team what it means to remain professional in the toughest of situations.

Natalie McComb, 31, New Zealander – Natalie has 5 years expedition experience from all over Africa, Asia and Australia. With her experience in Africa as an overland leader coping with a myriad of situations, she was never intimidated by being the only woman on the team. Her organisational ability and communications expertise made her a key player in the success of this expedition.

Ian Fraser (a.k.a Bingo), 42, South African – Bingo has 20 years whitewater and expedition experience from countless expeditions in African countries. He has extensive mechanical training and is a partner in the largest and most successful commercial white water rafting company on the Nile. For Bingo, the biggest challenge was leaving his wife and two children behind to take part in the expedition.

Dr Ian Clarke, 48, Irish – Dr Clarke left Ireland twenty years ago and moved his family to Uganda where they settled in the Luwero Triangle district (The killing Fields) and built a hospital from the ground up. His accounts of this time have been published in a book called ‘The Man With The Key Has Gone”. Dr Clarke’s experience in medicine in the tropics was not only invaluable to the team but also to the people who live along the banks of the river.