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Welcome to Quitebright Films. Please take a look around at some of our most recent and past projects. If you need to get in touch with us our contact info is at the bottom of the page. Thanks for coming.

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Welcome to Quitebright Films LTD.

Quitebright Films is a Kenyan film and video production company. We've done documentaries, corporate videos, and even smaller commercial videos for companies around the world. Most notably we've produced The Longest River (about the Nile) for National Geographic in 2004. In the film we cover an international team of rafters from South Africa, New Zealand and England that crossed into the Mediterranean Sea and became the first people to have descended the full length of the White Nile. Check out some of our more recent projects below.

Asepsis Limited is a wonderful landscaping company located in Kenya. We've been helping them out with some of their videos for their new landscaping service.
Aquaman Pools LLC is a wildly popular swimming pool business in Arizona in the United States. We've been helping them with new videos for their <a href="http://www.supercleanpools.com/pool-service-in-scottsdale-az/">pool service in Scottsdale, AZ</a>. Check them out to learn more about who they are and what they do.
We did another small project with National Geographic not too long. This time for the <a href="http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/">National Geographic Channel</a> itself. Be sure to check them out, there are a TON of amazing and informative videos there.

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